Follicle Fail: Black Keys’ Star Loses ‘Bob Dylan’s Hair’ in Divorce

Bob Dylan has yet to issue a statement

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Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Bob Dylan onstage during the 17th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards held on January 12, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

Move over, John Lennon’s tooth. We want to talk about Bob Dylan’s hair now.

The Black Keys’ frontman Dan Auerbach finalized his divorce last week from Stephanie Gonis. To settle their marriage, Auerbach agreed to give his now ex-wife $5 million, one of the couple’s homes, a 2012 Toyota Highlander — and, according to TMZ, a lock of Bob Dylan’s hair. How they acquired the hair, how much of the hair the couple owned and what they were planning on doing with the hair (cloning perhaps?) is not currently public knowledge.

Bob Dylan himself has not yet weighed in on the proceedings.

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Dylan is not the first artist to have locks of his hair end up in the hands of fans. Mick Jagger’s hair was sold at auction to an unnamed buyer for £4,000 (roughly $6,100) last year. A lock of hair believed to have been from Elvis Presley’s army-issued buzz-cut sold at auction for $15,000. Justin Bieber’s locks sold for $40,668, the proceeds of which went to charity. Even Beethoven was not immune to the strange follicular fandom — in 1994, two fans of the great composer paid $7,300 for hair from the great composer’s head.

Auerbach, 33, and Gonis were married for over four years and have one child together, 4-year-old daughter Sadie — who one day will presumably inherit Bob Dylan’s hair.

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