Burger King to Serve Up French Fry Burger

Want fries with that?

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Burger King / AP

If you’re looking for a new taste sensation, Burger King has a whopper of an idea. The fast food chain announced it will begin selling a $1 “French Fry Burger” starting next week.

The new menu item appears to be a standard beef patty topped with the chain’s french fries along with all the fixings. While hungry high schoolers and ambitious toddlers may have already discovered this concoction, as the AP points out, it’s a clever way for the company to attract customers without incurring any additional costs as Burger King franchises already have all the required ingredients for the new concoction (burger, french fries) on hand.

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The “French Fry Burger” comes as the number three fast food burger chain (Wendy’s took the No. 2 spot from Burger King last year) tries to ward off further gains in the market by McDonald’s who has achieved marked success with their Dollar Menu. Faced with sagging profits last year, McDonald’s revamped their Dollar Menu, selling customer favorites like the Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger and Fish McBites for $1. The move forced Wendy’s to overhaul its value menu, and Burger King followed suit, adjusting their approach to cheap eats, adding more items to their own value menus and trying to attract customers with more interesting low-price offerings. Hence, the French Fry Burger.

The new item, which clocks in at 360 calories and 19 grams of fat, will be available Sept. 1 through the fall, according to Burger King.

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