WATCH: Iraq Vet Thwarts Attempted Armed Robbery at Liquor Store

The alleged robber messed with the wrong guy

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Liquor store clerk Jon Lewis Alexander has become an Internet sensation this week, after a video of him pulling a gun to thwart an attempted armed robbery has gone viral, USA Today reports.

Video obtained by the Associated Press shows Alexander, a veteran of four tours in Iraq with three decades of military experience, standing behind the cash register at the Marionville, Missouri, store as a man points a gun directly at him. In a split second, Alexander calmly pushes the gun away and pulls out his own sidearm, scaring the robber away.

News outlets worldwide have posted surveillance footage of the incident and requested interviews from Alexander, who has reportedly worked as a prison guard and a private investigator. “I’ve been around weapons and been around danger a lot. It didn’t really bug me that much,” he told the New York Daily News.

According to USA Today, Alexander positively identified the suspect in a photo lineup, though no arrests have been made.