Runaway “Romeo and Juliet” Teens Kept Apart By GPS Devices

Judge places trackers on the star-crossed Michigan kids.

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Two Michigan teenagers who went on the run after parents tried to split up their budding romance have been ordered to wear devices that will monitor their every movement, CBS Detroit reports.

Jayden Thomas, 13, and Braxton Wood, 14, were reportedly set to start freshman year at different high schools when they hit the road after the girl’s mother told her daughter the six-month relationship was becoming much too serious. The two, dubbed “Romeo and Juliet” in media reports, were located after the Ford Explorer they lifted from Jayden’s mother was found broken down near Chicago.

Two weeks after first leaving home, Jayden and Braxton have been ordered by a Michigan judge to refrain from contact with one another and to wear GPS tracking devices. With those conditions met they will be allowed to return to school.

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