McDonalds Manager Charged with Robbing His Own Store

For one Bay Area man, the Golden Arches could soon turn into metal bars

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Image: McDonald's
Congressional Quarterly / Getty

McDonald's Restaurant

A California man who apparently thought the easiest place to rob at gunpoint was his workplace could wind up flipping burgers behind bars.

At about 3 a.m. Aug 28, officials say Becerra climbed into the drive-through window at the Pleasanton restaurant — where he works as a manager — wearing a white face mask and white gloves, pointed a gun at the employees and ordered them to grab cash from the store’s safe. When the workers gave him the money, he forced them to wait in the store’s freezer for 30 minutes. Police said he actually showed up for work the next day.

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The next week, he allegedly struck again at a San Mateo store, holding it up in a similar fashion; ordering workers into a refrigerator and making one open the safe. He fled the store with an unknown amount of loot, but was stopped later by San Mateo police, who found the money and a weapon in the suspect’s possession. While he was in custody, police were able to link the two robberies thanks to the description of one employee.

“(The employee) said, ‘He had similar eyes to our manager,'”  Pleasanton Police Sgt. Kurt Schlehuber told the San Mateo County Times. “We were looking for him, and couldn’t find him because he was sitting in jail in San Mateo.”

Becerra admitted to both crimes while being held in San Mateo County Jail where he had already been booked for armed robbery. Alameda and San Mateo county prosecutors will each seek charges for the individual robberies.

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