This Exists: CrossFit for Toddlers

Crybabies need not apply

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Kids love playing kickball, but now a gym in Queens, New York is hoping to spark their interest in kettlebells. The Gantry CrossFit gym in Long Island City is now offering to train kids “as young as 3” in the art of CrossFit, the extreme  exercise regimen that includes routines like swinging kettlebells, flipping tires, and doing many, many squats.

Not that the CrossFit class at Gantry will have your kids deadlifting weights until they drop. Rather, the classes will teach the pint-size athletes traditional CrossFit movements, like squats and overhead presses, but without weights, Michele Kelber, a certified CrossFit Kids coach at Gantry, told DNAinfo.

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Parents can sign their kids up for a specially-tailored version of the popular fitness program emphasizing strength, conditioning and a varied workout routine. “They love it,” said Kelber who told DNAinfo that “youngsters are often drawn to CrossFit because they want to work out the same way as mom or dad.” While parents may love having their kids engaged in physical activity, they may not love the price tag. Classes cost $140 a month if taken once a week, or $280 a month for twice a week.

CrossFit for children is just the latest trend for parents interested in establishing healthy habits for their children at a young age. One in three kids in the United States weighs too much, according to the latest government statistics. Most childhood obesity experts recommend a multi-step approach, starting with lifestyle changes that include both diet and exercise programs. Physical activity, such as the exercise children get in school gym classes is important for fighting obesity. The latest research suggests it may help to keep bones strong as well.

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