Sweet Revenge? Man Accused of Stuffing Snickers Bar in Ex’s Gas Tank

Bad Idea. Now he's facing criminal mischief charges

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Johnson County jail roster

Mugshot of Kenneth Lamont Everett

Of the many idiotic ways to express your ire at an ex – like smashing her iPod, posting embarrassing pictures of her online or burning every piece of clothing she left at your house – one man has sunk to a new low, and it involves a Snickers bar.

Kenneth Lamont Everett allegedly stuffed the candy bar inside the gas tank of a truck belonging to his ex-girlfriend, who lives in the Iowa City suburb of Coalville. According to the woman, who has not been named, the 29-year-old man later called her and told her that he had also poured sugar into the pickup’s gas tank, the Iowa City Press-Citizen reported Monday. He went on to ask her how her truck had been running lately. Burn.

Snickers Bar Candy Halloween

Washington Post / Getty Images

If true, Everett made two key mistakes. First, if you’re going to take revenge on an ex, it’s best not to do it with candy bars, because that’s just embarrassing. Second, despite the popular myth that putting sugar in a gas tank destroys the vehicle’s engine, that’s actually not true. Sugar doesn’t dissolve in gasoline, so it never reaches the engine. Instead, it gets trapped in the gas filter, which can be easily cleaned.

Despite the inept attempt to ruin his ex-lady’s ride, Everett is facing some minor charges for wigging out on her nonetheless. According to Johnson County Jail records, he’s being held on a $6,000 bond and has been charged with two counts of criminal mischief and possession of a controlled substance. (Probably not the candy bar.)

It’s not just the Snickers incident that got him in trouble with the law, however. He also allegedly ripped apart the woman’s window screen and threw a cup at her car too. Blame it on the sugar high?