Man Has Had 1,000 Lovers, 999 of Which Are Cars

Vroom vroom.

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Meet Edward Smith, the 63-year-old Washington state native who is a proud “mechaphile”–someone who is sexually attracted to machines. Since turning 18, he’s had 1,000 lovers–and only one of them has been a woman. The other 999? Yep. Cars.

Smith says he first discovered an attraction to cars andĀ helicoptersĀ in 1965, and lost his virginity to a neighbor’s Volkswagen Beetle. Though he’s maintained a polyamorous relationship with a plethora of vehicles since then, he’s now decided he wants to officially commit to his long-term lover, a white Volkswagen beetle named “Vanilla.”

It’s unclear how many people out there are mechaphiles, but Smith says there are at least 500 active on an online forum he frequents.