Georgia School Closes for a Day Over Beautiful Weather

Principal gives students the day off after a good weather forecast

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Mitchell Layton / Getty Images for Gio Gonzalez Fo

If, along the course of your academic career, you have ever been robbed of a snow day, there’s a school in Georgia that made up for it last week when they were let out by a jolly, retiring principal who cancelled school because of gorgeous weather.

Len McWilliams, the head of Calvary Christian School in Columbus, Georgia realized that for years he had to cancel school because of terrible weather, and he probably felt very Scrooge about that, even though he was giving kids a day off. After all, a day off in a blizzard can mean frostbite, or, even worse, soggy socks.

McWilliams promised himself that before he retired he would find a good reason to cancel school. As it turns out, a blue-sky day with temps in the low 80s turned out to be the perfect excuse to give the kids a day off.

Now hopefully your boss will read this story and get the hint.