Substitute Teacher Gets High and Passes Out in Class in Most Realistic D.A.R.E. Lesson Ever

Not exactly the D.A.R.E. lesson they were expecting.

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Julien Behal / PA Wire / AP

Students at a suburban Pittsburgh high school got a lesson in “Just Say No” from a teacher, as many do. But this teacher taught an anti-drug message by going out to cop a fix himself and landing in hot water.

Bellevue Police Sgt. Mike Hudson told KDKA-TV that he found substitute teacher Christopher Christopher Chiappetta, 26, passed out in front of a class of 11 high school students at Northgate High School. He had been walking the school’s hallways when he noticed something was wrong.

Chiapetta, who is not an employee of the district, but does sub at several area schools, had taken a break around noon and left the building, but when he went back to his classroom, he lost consciousness in front of his pupils. School officials came to wake him up, but he denied being under the influence of intoxicants. However, when police found four baggies of heroin in his pocket and marijuana in his car, he confessed to use of the drug.

At least it wasn’t krokodil?