Cop Who Watches Too Much Breaking Bad Confuses Jolly Ranchers for Meth

This is not the Heisenberg you're looking for.

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Jerry Cleveland / Denver Post via Getty Images

Ever since the news broke that Heisenberg’s famous blue meth on Breaking Bad was really blue rock candy, the line between methamphetamine and crystallized sugar has felt ever so slightly blurred. Where does the meth end, and the candy begin?

One New York City police officer seemed to have struggled with this association when he arrested two people leaving a candy store with a few Jolly Ranchers, but suspected that they were, instead, carrying crystal meth.

The police detained two suspects over the half-dozen units of suspected meth (six Jolly Ranchers). It must have been even more humiliating for the arresting officer, who boasted a particularly canny eye for detecting meth, to learn that he is actually very bad at his job. The two men who were arrested are now seeking damages for the time they spent in holding.

Also, they would like their candy back.