George H.W. Bush’s Funky Cactus-Themed Socks Up for Auction

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Former President George H.W. Bush, known for sporting socks that are shocking pink and socks with stars-and-stripes, has donated cactus-themed ones to a charity auction. 

On Oct. 26, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland in Maine will be auctioning off the pair, along with a letter of authenticity signed by Bush that jokes, “I absolutely love a crazy pair of socks … Barbara, on the other hand, has had enough.”

Former President Bill Clinton tweeted that he was “envious” of the Republican’s “#sockswag” while lunching with him in Kennebunkport, Maine, last month, so we’ll see if he bids on them.



Clinton Foundation via the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland / AP

Former President Bill Clinton, left, points to western cactus-themed socks worn by former President George H.W. Bush at Bush’s home in Kennebunkport, Maine.