Why Wear Your Own Skin When You Could Wear Nicolas Cage?

It's sold out already, and fans are in a state of "Cage rage."

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If you’re still deciding what to be for Halloween, consider dressing up as “China’s best global actor,” Nicolas Cage. All you need to do is order the “Cage Morph,” a full-length bodysuit, which the Scottish company Morphsuits created after its Facebook fans asked for one, according to a press release. It can be ordered online for £39.95, which is about $65 U.S. dollars.

Note the images of the actor as a banana — which is apparently a meme — a cat, and even Marilyn Monroe. The website also suggests pairing it with a wig, fanny pack, or shoe covers, but we think the only accessory you’ll need to become a true “Hallomeme” is a “Wrecking Ball.”

There’s one hitch though: the Morphsuits website says the costume is out of stock. The company says it will post three suits on eBay tonight, but fans are still flipping out in the comments section of its Facebook page. It’s this bad:


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