This Unsuspecting Model Unknowingly Became the Face of Sex With ‘Old, Obese Men’

When stock modeling goes horribly wrong.

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It’s hard out there for a stock photo model.

Innocuous photos of ladies cavorting with salads or literally banging their heads against walls provide prime Internet fodder. But this week, one particular stock model gained social media fame after her photo appeared next to the following Guardian headline:

Approaching it with a good sense of humor, the Guardian tracked down the model, Samantha Ovens, to clarify no, “I do NOT like sex with old, obese men.”

Ovens, 38, posed for the photo in a “Colds and Illness” shoot, not a fantasy gone wrong session.

“I opened it up when I was with some friends,” Ovens told the Guardian. “In fact, I was with my partner’s mum as well. I screeched with laughter and said: ‘Oh. You have to see this.’ There’s me looking very anxious, and I bloody well would be, wouldn’t I?”

She’s content with her female partner and isn’t in the market for portly geriatrics.

Luckily Ovens is in good awkward stock photo company. Amy Poehler used to pose in stock photos.

“When you look up other actresses old modeling pictures on the internet they look really young and sexy, and I look like a sociopath,” Poehler told Jimmy Kimmel.