Not Lovin’ It: Dad Accused of ‘Unfit Parenting’ for Refusing to Take His Son to McDonalds

No happy meals for this kid.

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Divorce can be ugly to begin with, but it’s uglier when McDonald’s gets involved in your custody battle.

It’s already bad enough that attorney David Schorr is embroiled in the tug-of-war with wife Bari Yunis Schorr over their 4-year-old son, but now he’s filed a defamation suit against psychologist Marilyn Schiller for telling a judge that he was an unfit parent for not taking his kid to the fast-food joint when he demanded it.

According to court documents, during an Oct. 30 visit, the boy insisted on a trip to the Golden Arches rather than the Manhattan restaurant where Schorr normally takes him. Schorr, wary of junk food overconsumption, declined to do so and offered instead to take him any place else, which triggered a tantrum.

Schorr stood his ground though, and took the boy back home to his mother. But Schiller, a court-appointed psychologist, told the court hearing the divorce case that because he wouldn’t take the boy to McDonald’s, he was “wholly incapable” of taking care of the child and asked the court to intervene, restricting the time Schorr got to spend with the boy.

That apparently was the last fry for Schorr and he filed suit in Manhattan Supreme Court against Schiller, saying that she lied about him not being able to take care of the boy for at least 90 minutes and failed to discuss the McMeltdown with the father before going to a judge.

Still for all the trouble, Schorr wishes he had just given in and taken the kid to Mickey D’s,  “but you get nervous about rewarding bad behavior,” he said. “I think it was a 1950s’ equivalent of sending your child to bed without dinner.” However, he told the New York Daily News he suspects the whole thing may be a ploy by his wife to win full custody.