Today in Father-Son Bonding: Kidnapping Dad’s Ex For an Exorcism

She was doused in sacred oil and 'purified'

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Maybe playing catch would have been a better activity.

A California father and son allegedly kidnapped the older man’s ex-wife Saturday in order to perform an exorcism to release her from the demons supposedly possessing her soul. Police say Jose Magana-Farias¬†and his son Victor Farias met the victim at a Walmart in Stockton, Calif., under the pretense of fixing the marriage. Instead, they allegedly picked up two priests and then forced the woman to undergo an exorcism, KRCA¬†reports. She was doused in sacred oil and “purified,” but she was otherwise unharmed.

The victim’s roommate alerted the authorities that she was missing.

The two men are being held for false imprisonment, conspiracy to commit a crime, and kidnapping, but the priests aren’t being charged.

It must suck to realize your ex-wife would rather be married to the devil than to you.