How to Make a Collage Just Using a Google Image Search

Because Googling is an art.

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Finally, there’s a way to turn your mundane Google searches into art.

When ImageQuilts is installed, a Chrome extension created by renowned statistician Edward Tufte and software engineer Adam Schwartz, users click the “ImageQuilts” button that appears over Google Images search results, bringing up a new screen where users can select and order the pieces that they want to include in their collages.

According to Chrome web store reviews of the plug-in, users wish it had easier share options because at the moment they have to take a screenshot of the work to do that (command + shift +4 on the keyboard). The Verge points out, “When searching for products you’ll often get a mess of concepts and press shots mixed in with images that Google Images has pulled from news articles, making the job of curating the collage a little cumbersome.”

Art and science photos seem to make the best collages, however. The tool’s website showcases ones made from pieces by Pablo Picasso, Richard Serra, and Paul Cézanne. So perhaps try the tool with some of the works that were up for auction at Christie’s record-breaking “Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Sale” Tuesday night.

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