San Francisco BatKid Gets Tough On Crime

Masked hero cleans up the mean streets.

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A mysterious hero known as BatKid emerged from a shadowy lair Friday to save San Francisco from the grip of criminal masterminds that have been terrorizing the city for weeks.

An unidentified woman was tied to the cable car tracks in San Francisco this morning, bound to a box of explosives and surrounded by thousands of helpless bystanders. The vicious crime was consistent with what the city has come to expect from the Riddler, who has thwarted police officers at every move.

According to local reports, a sleek Batmobile approached the scene.

Batkid emerged and raced to the woman.

And saved her, just as she was about to be hit by an oncoming cable car.

But BatKid has said he won’t stop at saving just one innocent victim. He wants to catch the Riddler, who is widely rumored to be on the loose in Gotham.

BatKid raced across the city to catch the Riddler just as he was trying to rob a bank.

But the job’s not done, because the Riddler’s sidekick, the Penguin, is still terrorizing the city. He’s kidnapped the beloved Giants mascot, Lou Seal.

And now Lou Seal is being held hostage by the evil mastermind.

Until BatKid saves the day.

And the Penguin gets his due.

And then, President Obama thanked BatKid for his service:

San Francisco’s BatKid setup was organized by the Make a Wish Foundation for a 5-year-old leukemia patient named Miles.