This Guy Apparently Drives His Pet Bear Around in a Lamborghini

Because what else are you supposed to do with your pet bear?

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The elite of Southern California indulge in all kinds of luxury activities, but this is perhaps the most puzzling.

Thanks to an intrepid Reddit user, we now know that a man in a yellow Lamborghini was blocking traffic because he had a bear in the passenger seat. Like, a straight-up, actual bear. The original poster, username¬†everlonghesaid, didn’t specify where this all went down, but with the help of Google Maps a commenter identified the location as a street in¬†Huntington Beach, California.

Then, because this is Reddit, a user named RandysWay popped up in the comments claiming it’s his bear and lambo, producing a picture of the car sitting in his garage. He claims a video of the whole fracas will hit the web shortly, though we maintain it’s just a clever way to get away with driving in the carpool lane.