The Top 5 Best Rob Ford Parodies

He came in like a wrecking ball...

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Mark Blinch / Reuters

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford talks during council at City Hall in Toronto, November 13, 2013.

By now, the embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who has apologized for smoking crack cocaine while in office, has been stripped of his legislative powers by the city council. Comedians and media outlets are having a field day with the scandal, so we’ve rounded up the funniest parodies of the embattled pol from the last week.

• A Nov. 13 article on the satirical website The Daily Currant claimed actor Charlie Sheen called for the Toronto mayor to resign:

“I think it’s fair to say that Rob Ford parties too much. I can honestly tell you I’ve never been that high…

There was this one time in Vegas when I took four Victoria’s Secret models and did one gram off each of their bodies within like 45 minutes. I declared myself King of Vegas and decided to remodel my hotel room with my bare hands to resemble King Louis XIV’s bedroom at Versailles. Knocked down two entire walls, and later had four knuckle surgeries. Still wasn’t as high as Rob Ford.”

Sheen responded the next day on Twitter in a poem-like post. An excerpt:

I’m sorry for any grief this may have caused.
if I can be of any assistance
in any capacity in this
media cesspool,
please accept the noble offer of my steady
hand and compassionate heart.

• Rob Ford’s new reality show Ford Nation debuted Nov. 18, but could he get his own opera next? CBC Radio’s Day 6 published an aria Nov. 14, a parody of Georges Bizet’s Carmen. Best line: “I’m mayor Rob Ford, your champion / Never smoked crack, (ahem) wait, I’ve smoked crack. I’m just in a drunken stupor. / Sorry my bad, I’ve done wrong.”


• Actor Bobby Moynihan spoofed Ford on Saturday Night Live Nov. 16, his face as “red as a Boxing Day ham.” Page Six reports today that the SNL star injured his ankle during that zealous performance:


• It’s hard enough to figure out how Belgian martial artist Jean-Claude Van Damme did a split between two Volvo trucks, let alone imagine Rob Ford doing the same trick in a Nov. 16 video by Artjail, a New York City visual effects studio:


• When a clip of Ford knocking over Toronto city councillor Pam McConnell went viral on Nov. 18, a spoof to the tune of Miley Cyrus’s  “Wrecking Ball” emerged: