Guy Busted 5 Minutes After Posting “Catch Me If U Can” on Police Department’s Facebook

Smooth move.

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Conventional wisdom dictates that you don’t post about your crime sprees on Facebook. It should follow, then, that you definitely don’t post about them on the Facebook page of the police department that’s trying to bust you.┬áBut doing just that is what got what got Rolando Lozano caught for a series of auto burglaries he’s charged with committing along with his brother Damian.

The siblings were suspected of the break-ins of at least 17 vehicles in a Rosenberg, Tex., subdivision, KTRK-TV reported. Damian was easily apprehended, but Rolando stayed on the lam. So the cops posted his “wanted” mug on their Facebook page.

Perhap Lozano thought the fuzz doesn’t really check social media all that often and taunted them with this:

Well, the “muthasuckas” he was referring to actually were checking the page to see if anyone could offer clues leading to his capture. Tips led police to a relative’s home where he was hiding and before long Lozano was busted. The Rozenberg P.D.’s response?