This Website Replaces Instagram Selfies With a Picture of Nic Cage’s Face in Real Time

Whoever created this sure is a National Treasure.

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Jacopo Raule / FilmMagic

Thankfully — FINALLY! — someone realized what Instagram was missing, and what we were missing, it seems, is Nicolas Cage.

A new website has capitalized on the Internet’s recent selfie-mania (since it was named Word of the Year and everything) and added a new twist, featuring one of the Internet’s favorite actors.

It’s called “Feeling Cagey” and it automatically superimposes Cage’s face onto selfies hashtagged #selfie as they’re uploaded to Instagram, producing a delightfully bizarre stream of photos that are obviously way more interesting than the originals could have been. As Uproxx notes, this is the brainchild of Josh McMillan, a web developer who really seems to understand how to take something on the Internet and make it better.

Warning: this is actually weirdly mesmerizing and it’s entirely possible that you’ll get totally swept up in it as it updates in real time, transporting you to a glorious world where everyone looks like Nicolas Cage and nothing else matters.