Find Out Once and For All Just How Much Your Facebook Friends Hate You

And then either unfriend them or send them a passive-aggressive gift.

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AFP / Getty Images

You probably hate a whole bunch of your Facebook friends, and a whole bunch of them probably hate you right back. Finally, there’s an app that allows you to find out for sure.

It’s called Hate With Friends, and here’s how it works: you go to the site and log in through Facebook. Then you’ll see an array of all your Facebook friends, with a handy little “HATE HIM” or “HATE HER” button beneath each person’s photo.

From there, you are free to browse — since there are probably people on there you totally forgot you hated — or you can search for specific individuals. If you say you hate someone, they won’t know unless it’s mutual.┬áSo it’s kind of like Tinder, except it indicates mutual desire to kill each other rather than sleep with each other.

Once you and a friend have agreed that you hate each other, you’ll be prompted to either unfriend them (makes sense) or send them a gift (what?). But just remember: it’s probably a good idea to keep some of those random people from high school around just in case they ever get famous or something.