Man Proposes With 16 Pugs Wearing Heart-Shaped Balloons

Of course she said yes.

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Wendy Frink

Kanye West has nothing on Edward Grant.

Sure Kanye rented out a stadium to propose to Kim Kardashian, but Grant, a 27-year old from London conscripted 16 pugs wearing heart-shaped balloons to help propose to his girlfriend. In the face of so much cuteness, she had no choice but to say yes.


Photo by Betsy Marzahn-Ramos

Grant was visiting New York City with his longtime girlfriend Alex Justins and wanted to propose during their vacation. He knew how much she loved pugs, so to really wow her, he enlisted the help of a NYC pug Meetup group. “I have never seen Alex happier than when she sees a pug so I thought I would make her super happy (by seeing 16 at once), and then I hoped even happier by proposing to her!” Grant told


Photo by Betsy Marzahn-Ramos

Grant brought Justins to Central Park’s Bow Bridge where the couple were soon surrounded by 16 pugs all accessorized with heart-shaped balloons for the occasion, reports the Barkpost. “I was totally overwhelmed and I could not believe that Ed had organized everything,” Justins told “It made an incredibly special moment even more memorable. I was so touched that people that we had never met wanted to be a part of our special moment.”

To commemorate the occasion, Justins got a ring, but the dogs got some bling, too. All participating pugs received a special golden dog tag reading “I helped at the pug proposal 2013”


Photo by W. Frink

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