Don’t Worry About What to Wear Tomorrow Because It’s Work in the Nude Day

But maybe you should only observe this if you work from home.

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Jim McGuire / Getty Images

This could be you.

Love means never having to say you’re sorry, and working from home means never having to wear your pants.

In fact, working from home means never having to wear anything at all. Australian small business community Flying Solo decided to celebrate that freedom by declaring December 6 Work in the Nude Day.

“We were looking for something where we could connect some of the energy and sentiment of our community into something enjoyable,” Flying Solo’s founder and director Robert Gerrish told the Herald Sun. The group began the tradition last year and decided to give it a go once again in 2013.

The best part of the “holiday” is that it involves a selfie competition. (“Partial nudity is fine. Strictly no dangly bits!”)

But don’t worry — participating in the contest is not required. Because after all, if you’re already working in your birthday suit, you’ve clearly already won.