ICYMI: Now Baby Seats Can Hold iPads and Kanye West Is Your Creative Director

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Enrique Castro-Mendivil / Reuters

A "scissors" dancer grabs her shoe with her mouth while performing in a national scissors dance competition in the outskirts of Lima, Dec. 1, 2013.

Every Friday we round up some stories you might have missed this week and publish them in one neat little post. Think of it as our gift to you, only it’s not really free because you’re repaying us in likes and shares. No…thank YOU.

Fisher Price’s Apptivity Seat with an iPad holder to entertain babies has raised concerns among parents who are worried about the health effects of staring at the screen for extended periods — and parents who are nervous that their child will figure out how to buy apps with the family iTunes account. (MyFOXNY.com)

Researchers have found that people may be more attracted to vegetable-colored faces. So next time someone says that you look beet red, maybe you should take that as a compliment? (Discover Magazine)

Let’s play a game of “Who Said It?” with Kanye West and any arrogant creative director in your office. (Kanyevscreative.com)

Go The F**k to Sleep has started a trend of classic children’s book parodies like Goodnight iPad and Bi-Curious George. (New York Times)

A history of the word “cyber” published on “Cyber Monday.” (i09)

The United States Air Force Band serenaded visitors at the National Air and Space Museum on Tuesday, and it’s just lovely. (Viral Viral Videos)