New Rule: Every Wedding Needs Ninjas, Superheroes and Knights

Such romance.

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Want to make your wedding more memorable? Add dueling knights, ninjas, Iron Man and battling bus boys.

When Adam Bohn, who is known in the gaming world as Artix, was planning his nuptials, he knew he didn’t want something ordinary–after all, he designs extraordinary games like AdventureQuest Worlds for a living. To make his wedding even more special, Bohn decided to incorporate some of his interests into the ceremony, including having the groomsmen wear armor inspired by in-game weddings from AdventureQuest over their tuxes, which came in handy when a knight challenged the groom to a duel, ninjas attempted to kidnap the bride and a team of bus boys raided the wedding party. Was it any surprise that the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. came to recruit the bride and groom?

According to the wedding video, the guests had  no idea what they were in for when they sat down for the ceremony. We’re not sure that the bride did either.

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