Oh, Have You Met My Kids, Panda, Phone and Cheese? The Weirdest Baby Names of 2013

Unfortunately, no youngsters named Swag or Butt this year.

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So, we already know that people are naming their kids after characters on TV shows like Breaking Bad and Homeland. But then there are the parents who’ve decided to stray from the norm, get creative and just go for it.

Parenting website BabyCenter has released its annual baby name special report, which includes a roundup of the year’s most unusual monikers. Upon first glance, there are some clear standouts here. For girls: Blip, Fairy, Kiwi. And even more for boys: Ajax, Baobao, Cheese, Danish, Egypt, Jag, Panda, Rocket. Keep in mind: these kids are the future. In 50 years, we could have a president named Kiwi and an international fashion icon named Cheese.

The best part of BabyCenter’s report, though, is that it includes a handy little database that allows you to search for any and all possible names. NewsFeed ran through some searches and found that all of the following names have at one point been granted to real human beings:

  • Swag (two in 2012)
  • Butt (three in 2010)
  • Hotdog (two in 2012)
  • Butterbean (6 in 2013)
  • Phone (three in 2013)
  • Freak (34 in 1995)
  • Poopy (three in 2010)
  • Superman (two in 2012)
  • Mushroom (three in 2008)
  • Elbow (three in 2009)

Oh, and then there were the many varieties of Beyoncé: Beyonce, Beyoncee, Beyounce, Breyonce, and Veyoncé.

But you shouldn’t rely on us to find all the obscure names. Visit the baby names finder, use your imagination and see what you can dig up. (But don’t bother searching for “Twerk” or “Selfie.” We already tried those.)

(h/t New York Magazine)