‘Well-Dressed Grandmas’ Stole 100 Cookies Meant For A Christmas Cookie Contest

They were butter cookies

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Taking a page out of Oceans 11 —or perhaps Yogi Bear’s playbook— a crafty group of well-dressed thieves stole over 100 cookies destined for a Christmas bake off.

The butter spritz cookies were in the lobby of the Blue Star Motel in Douglas, Michigan waiting to play their part in a Christmas cookie contest between 18 local motels. “A group of ladies showed up,” said Rusty Ross, general manager of the motel. “One of the ladies asked if they could see a room, so I showed her the room.” The tour was only a ruse, meant to distract the manager though. While Ross was giving the tour, the other two women made off with delicious loot: “[They] wiped us out, over 100 cookies.”

“If it was kids, maybe you’d say it was funny because the kids took it, but these were well-dressed grandmas, older-looking women,” he said. Police are investigating the heist, but there are currently no suspects in the crime.

The hotel is offering a free night’s stay to anyone who can provide information leading to the arrest of the cookie-stealing criminals. Perhaps police can follow a trail of crumbs to catch the culprits.

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