7 Foods in Danger During the Sriracha Shortage

#Srirachapocalypse is upon us

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The nation stands on the precipice of culinary disaster.

As of Tuesday, the Huy Fong Foods company has been ordered by the California Department of Public Health to hold all bottles of its beloved hot sauce Sriracha for at least 30 days before shipping, to comply with food safety regulations. The company says that due to the new rules, Sriracha suppliers will not be able to restock until mid-January.

A Sriracha shortage looms.Witness the Twitter hashtag: #srirachapocalypse.

Foods that could be affected while Sriracha is in short supply over the holiday season, according to an utterly unscientific social media survey, include approximately all of them. Grilled Cheese. Popcorn. Fried plantains. Fried anything. None shall be spared.

Here are seven foods threatened during the Great Sriracha Shortage of 2013.

Sriracha Burger. Slater’s 50/50, the southern-California burger chain that brought you the 50-percent-bacon patty has a burger built around Sriracha that sounds amazing. Get ‘em while you can.

Sriracha Doughnut.  Charleston, South Carolina’s Diggity Doughnuts food truck has a peanut butter and sriracha doughnut. So does Glam Doll Doughnuts in Minneapolis. Rest in Peace.

Sriracha Bacon Lollipops. From Lollyphile, who brought you the breast milk-flavored lollipop, comes a candy sucker that combines two of the trendiest foods of the decade. We hardly knew ya.

Sriracha Candy Canes. What is even the point of Christmas without Sriracha candy canes? Hopefully they made enough to get us through the holidays. (And here’s a video of a TIME reporter giving them a try).

Sriracha Vodka. If Phillips Distilling’s  production of Sriracha-flavored vodka is derailed by the shortage it may be the only silver lining in srirachapocalyps (see update below).

Sriracha Sub. Did America’s favorite almost-healthy fast food chain stock up on enough Sriracha to keep serving its new Sriracha steak/chicken melt? We’ll see.

Sriracha Jerkey. Jack Links’ new Sriracha beef jerky, which should have been a thing a long time ago, was rolled out in September. Let us hope they made enough to weather this hiccup.

And here, to help you make it through this time of tribulation, is a trailer for a new documentary about Sriracha. You’re welcome.

UPDATE: Good news vodka lovers. UV Vodka contacted TIME to notify us that there is no Sriracha in their Sriracha vodka. They will be unaffected by any Sriracha shortage.