You’ve Made It! Your Leaked LinkedIn Password Is Now on Display at an Art Gallery

Probably time to change your password.

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Remember a few years ago when LinkedIn, the business networking site, had a massive security breach that resulted in the loss of millions of passwords (which is different from the hack of a few months ago that resulted in the theft of two million passwords). Well, you can now hang those passwords on your living room wall.

Conceptual artist Aram Bartholl saw the news that millions of usernames and passwords were leaked online and it sparked his imagination. The result is  Forgot Your Password, a set of eight books containing some 4.7 million passwords and a pair of prints called Private Password, made up of 10,000 of the swiped codes.

The art books present the leaked passwords in alphabetical order, but without the associated username, meaning that you can now flip through the books and track down your long-lost password in a gallery in Germany — which is still preferable to finding your debit card numbers at a Wal-Mart in Alabama when you live in New York.

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