There’s a Real Person Named Walter White, And He Got In Trouble For Dealing Meth, Too

Real-world Breaking Bad not as smooth

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A real-life Walter White got in trouble for dealing Meth, just like Brian Cranston's character in Breaking Bad (pictured)

Walter White isn’t just the protagonist from Breaking Bad: There’s a real guy in Montana with the same name, and like his more famous counterpart, he’s also in the meth business.

Walter Jack White was sentenced to 12 years in prison Monday on methamphetamine trafficking and firearms charges, the Billings Gazette reports. But unlike on AMC, the real White’s son is named Brandon, not Walter Jr.

After a shootout, authorities found 32 pounds of meth in White’s home. Authorities say he is part of a group of dealers responsible for bringing meth to Billings to distribute in the Bakken oil fields.