Jerry Seinfeld Actually Meant for Those Acura Ads to Stink

It was supposed to be a "they're so bad they're funny" kind of thing

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Jerry Seinfeld wrote eight new Acura commercials with Boston ad agency Mullen. They all have a vintage feel and are… well… pretty bad.

But they were supposed to be that way! All the commercials are based on actual car commercials from the 1960s. But while those ads were unintentionally silly (sorry, Don Draper), Seinfeld says his new ads are intentionally ridiculous. “And I thought, Why don’t we make new old advertising… that’s bad. Because that’s what’s fun,” Seinfeld told AdWeek. “A lot of the lines are stuff we actually found. We would put our little spin on it.”

Check out some of the commercials below: