Better Call Saul: ‘Breaking Bad’ Contest Winner Arrested for Drugs

Life really does imitate art

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Breaking Bad actors Aaron Paul (left) and Bryan Cranston

Breaking Bad fanatic who recently won a contest to watch the finale with the show’s cast was unironically arrested on drug charges Wednesday.

When Ryan Carroll got the call from Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul that he’d be flown out to hang with the cast in September, the Floridian told Naples News that the show was “highly addicting, just like the meth they make.” After his arrest Wednesday on one misdemeanor and two felony charges for possessing a synthetic narcotic, a controlled substance sans prescription, and keeping a shop or vehicle — who’s betting it was an RV? — for the unnamed drugs, it’s clear that even though Carroll was a fan, he should have been taking better notes on how not to get caught.

Considering life’s propensity to imitate art, the New York Daily News points out, “at least it wasn’t a contest for the TV show Dexter.”

Carroll was still in custody as of Wednesday evening and has yet to comment.

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