Prepare for the Impending Blizzard by Watching a Bunch of Cute Animals Play in the Snow

Here, something to do if you feel like taking a break from panicking.

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More than 70 million people across the Midwest and Northeast are bracing for a blizzard that could dump as much as 12 inches of snow. Hundreds of flights have already been cancelled across the country and in Boston the mayor has already declared a snow emergency.

So yes, snow can be pretty terrible and inconvenient. But remember: snow also provides a wonderful wintry playground to a variety of adorable animals. So take a quick break from stockpiling the driveway salt and enjoy these videos of furry and four-legged creatures having the time of their lives just playin’ in the snow.

This delightful, wintry recreation of the famous corgi flop:

This cat cautiously acquainting itself with the foreign frozen stuff:

This shiba inu cavorting just oh-so-gleefully through her snowy backyard:

This very dramatic fox leaping head-first into the snow to catch his prey:

These polar bears palling around with a bunch of dogs:

This panda cub whose only wish in life is to roll around in snow:

These brown bears who are delighted to emerge from hibernation to find a winter wonderland:

And last but obviously not least, this corgi making her way through a snow tunnel: