This 12-Year-Old Impressed Jay Z With His Rap Skills and It Was Awesome

This is the best way to get into Hova's clique.

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Hov recently showed off his softer side when he brought a 12-year-old onstage to rap a verse for him. Pretty cute, right?

Justin and his mother Angela reportedly had held up signs saying “Can I rap for you” at two different shows on Jay Z’s  Magna Carter World Tour in the hopes of grabbing his attention. And on Sunday night in Greensboro, N.C., the Maryland teen was in luck. A visibly nervous Justin rapped a competent (and clean) version of Jigga’s verse from “Clique,” sans music.

The only catch? Hov interrupted him to request that he leave out a line about drug dealing. That Jay Z, always concerned with the children. But he made up for it by telling the crowd that he’d grant Justin’s request to hang out with him backstage. Some people are calling it a publicity stunt, but either way, it’s a treat to see Blue’s dad act so adorable.