“He’s Drunk!” Pet Parrot Rats Out Drunk Driver at Police Checkpoint

Snitch want a cracker?

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Ryan Evans

A man’s pet parrot turned into a rat.

Guillermo Reyes was stopped at an alcohol checkpoint in Mexico City last week, and while the stop was routine, what the cops discovered was not. When Reyes was pulled out of his car for testing, cops heard a voice inside the vehicle saying, “He’s drunk, he’s drunk,” according to Spanish-language newspaper El Universal who first reported the story.

While police initially suspected that there was another person in the car, instead they found the man’s pet parrot doing a good deed and dutifully reporting his owner for drunk driving. El Universal reports that cops determined that the parrot was telling the truth when Reyes failed his sobriety test and was subsequently arrested.

Police took Reyes and his pet to Mexico City’s drunk tank to sober up. While the parrot wasn’t under arrest for snitching, according to the New York Daily News, it was feared the bird would die if separated from his owner, so the parrot accompanied Reyes to jail.

Reyes undoubtedly spent the night in jail regretting driving drunk and ruing the day he ever taught the parrot to talk.

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