These Are the Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the U.S.

Hint: Just turn on Discovery or the History Channel

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If your biggest workplace safety concern is spilling hot coffee on your hand, this list of the 10 most dangerous jobs in the U.S. is going to feel intense.

Logging tops this list of risky roles, with 127.8 deaths occurring per 100,000 workers. The data comes from the 2012 National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries and is represented in a terrifying infographic released today by Last year’s most dangerous job was fishing, which slides to the number two spot.

And while most of the list is represented by blue collar positions, pilot and flight engineer — also the highest paying occupation on the list — comes in at number three. It’s also worth noting that a staggering 41% of these workplace fatalities were related to transportation incidents.

Despite the somber tone, there’s still some good news: workers are still much safer than they were just 10 years ago. In 1992, 6,217 fatal work injuries occurred. In 2013, that number dwindled to 4,383.

This means we should expect Ax Men, Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers to all get picked up for another season.

Top 10 most dangerous jobs in America: It's not truck drivers, electricians or power line installers who have the most safety hazards
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