When You Look Into This Chihuahua Blueberry Muffin It Also Looks Into You

Why breakfast is the most important — and freakiest — meal of the day

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There’s a bizarre phenomenon that makes people look like their dogs. Or it makes dogs look like their people. Either way, it’s science. 

Earlier this week Kaelin Bell encountered a similar situation that probably can’t be categorized as science (sadly, not even weird science), but was still really, really strange. The 14-year-old California teen pulled a blueberry muffin out of a pack from Costco only to discover that the pastry in her hand possessed an eerie similarity to Chico, her 6-month-old Chihuahua.

The photo Bell posted on her  Tumblr — which includes a strategically posed Chico staring pensively at the delicious, appetizing muffin — quickly went viral, even earning a mention from Ellen DeGeneres.

But that’s not all: she also took a selfie with her pet-inspired muffin because that’s what you do when you see the face of someone you love dearly in something you’re about to put in your mouth. Bell told The Huffington Post that no one could actually bring themselves to actually eat the muffin — at least they didn’t feed it to Chico, because that would basically be canine cannibalism — so they froze it.

No word on if Bell or Chico will ever eat muffins again.