Unleash Your Inner Zen Nerd: Dungeons & Dragons Yoga Classes Are Happening

Namaste, wizards! Finally, a class for downward-facing dorks.

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[vimeo http://vimeo.com/85222820%5D

An art space in Brooklyn is offering a Dungeons & Dragons-themed yoga class, so yogis can have their savasana and save elves and fauna, all in the same sweaty room.

Artist Scott Wayne Indiana ran the first installment of D&D Yoga. The class had two leaders: a ‘dungeon master’ to provide the fantasy narrative and a yoga instructor to guide the moves.

Combining a fantasy game and an ancient physical and mental discipline might seem bizarre, but the unusual hybrid will surely win fans. Yoga poses can feel deeply uncomfortable, and it’s far more interesting to hear a narrative about swashbuckling through a forest than it is to try and block out the lady next to you’s guttural mouth-breathing, or strains of Enya.

Each participant received instructions about their D&D character, which one yoga fan posted to Twitter:

Mixing a game that engages your mind with the strenuous contortions of yoga may distract people from contacting their inner koan master, but it sounds far more entertaining.

Judging from the video Scott Wayne Indiana posted from the first class, the whole thing looks surprisingly peaceful.