Skittles-Infused Sausage Is a Thing and Apparently It’s Kind of Good

"If you like Skittles and you like hot flavored sausage, you'll like it." There's no arguing with that.

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Football fans everywhere are known for their crazy traditions and, shall we say, “creative” food innovations (ex. the infamous Turkducken). However, one Seattle-based butcher has taken this legacy to a whole new level.

At Blue Max Meats, $4.99 gets you a pound of “Beast Mode!” sausage. It’s normal meat—with one special ingredient: Skittles.

“Initially when they see it, they’re like ‘ooooh’,” Tommy Marshall, co-owner of Blue Max Meats, told King 5 News while making a face.

But customers have apparently warmed up to the concept. The dish has become the shop’s best-selling product, beating out 19 other types of sausage.

For non-football fans, the concept probably seems absurd. But Marshall’s idea is inspired by Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch’s affection for the rainbow-colored candy. When Lynch was in Pee Wee football, his mother would reward him with bags of Skittles, and his love for the treat stuck. Now, Seattle fans have taken to hurling the sweets at Marshawn—nicknamed “Beast Mode”—when he scores a touchdown. Lynch has become so associated with the candy that he and Mars, Skittles’ parent company, recently collaborated to make a special Seahawks-themed type of Skittles called “Seattle Mix.”

That explains why anyone would even consider soiling a perfectly good sausage with fruit-flavored sugar. But why would you actually want to eat it? One Blue Max Meats employee had a simple answer for King 5 News: “If you like Skittles and you like hot flavored sausage, you’ll like it.” And for Seahawks fans, a sweet meat dish will go pretty well with a sweet season. The only thing sweeter would be a Super Bowl win.