Woman Makes Wanted Poster to Find Subway Missed Connection Who Looks Like Willy Wonka

True love or a publicity stunt? You be the jury.

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“Pay attention NY! This is about my heart,” reads some 300 wanted posters plastered in subway stations in New York City written by a woman who’s looking for lost love on the A Train.

All it took was yellow pants and a hat of Willy Wonka proportions to seal the deal for Chilean performance artist Maria Luisa Portuondo Vila.

“I have a lot of friends who tell me you’re crazy [and] that this is weird. Poor man!” Vila told New York’s Pix 11.  “But I’m like no, this is not crazy – it’s romantic.”

But even though this romantic message is warming the polar vortex cold hearts of some New York commuters — you’d also be grumpy if you regularly risked getting kicked in the face by subway break dancers — others are wondering if this is all just a stunt. After all, why make the posters and a #missinglove hashtag now, days away from Valentine’s Day, when your eyes first met in November? Especially since Vila told Metro that she is returning to Chile in March.

Vila told Metro: “I think in some ways he’s my victim because I’m doing all of this and he doesn’t know me. Now I’m thinking, maybe I love him, but he might not remember me and maybe he didn’t even see me. It’s a little joke; it’s a little dramatic.”