Reindeer in Finland Are Getting Fabulous Glittering Antlers to Help Save Their Lives

It's to prevent accidents, not to make them look like disco divas, but still

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Anne Ollila / AP

In this picture taken on Feb. 15, 2014 in Rovaniemi, Finland and provided by the Reindeer Herders' Association, a reindeer is seen with fluorescent antlers after a test in which Finnish herders dabbed it with fluorescent paint.

What’s that? That fabulous creature with glittery antlers protruding from his head? Oh, that’s just a Finnish reindeer.

In an attempt to prevent road deaths, reindeer herders in Finland have begun painting the animals’ antlers with fluorescent dye to make them more visible to drivers, the Associated Press reports. The Finnish Reindeer Herder’s Association is currently testing this method to see how the creatures react — and to determine if the dye can withstand Finland’s harsh Arctic climate.

Every year, there are between 3,000 and 5,000 accidents involving reindeer in Finland, The Guardian reports. So if this strategy proves successful for the 20 animals who’ve received the makeover so far, herders will apply it as a more widespread solution across the Lapland region, home to around 200,000 reindeer.

Previous attempted solutions like reflectors and reflective tape have failed because the reindeer rip them off and then probably eat them or something. And tourists apparently steal reindeer warning signs as souvenirs. So we’re really hoping this new glittery-antler strategy works — mostly because, you know, we want fewer animals to die, but also because reindeer with radiant antlers look like fabulous disco divas.