Glen Levy

Glen Levy is an executive producer for and enjoys popular culture so much that he'll happily join any pub quiz team that will have him. Before joining TIME, he produced shows for the BBC's music entertainment and sport departments. Glen has covered the World Cup and Olympic Games, as well as the likes of tennis, golf, cricket, swimming and boxing. He remains a long-suffering fan of QPR (and England) but has had better luck following the Boston Red Sox.

Articles from Contributor

British Airways Crew Begin Strike

Although weekend talks between the airline and union Unite appeared to be making significant progress, no absolute resolution could be reached and BA cabin crew began a five-day strike Monday.

The Last Lost: What the Critics Thought

They’ve been calling it the TV event of a generation. Who and what? The TV critics ahead of Sunday night’s finale of Lost. But just what did they think of it? Needless to say … SPOILER ALERT so do not read on if you haven’t watched it.

Quotes: Boston Red Sox’s Marco Scutaro

“I know the whole country of Japan hates me. Sorry, sorry. My bad,”

— MARCO SCUTARO, on being unable to preserve his Japanese teammate Daisuke Matzusaka’s no-hitter bid in the eighth inning of the Boston Red Sox’s game against …

Europe’s Lost To See Finale Live

There’s nothing quite so frustrating for foreign fans of U.S. TV to be denied the chance to watch the latest episodes of their favorite shows at the same time as their American cousins. Thankfully, when it comes to this Sunday’s …

Sugababes Fight Former Member Over Name Rights

British band Sugababes have had more line up changes than Tiger Woods has had … golf clubs. And things came to a head over ownership of the name late last year when a former member applied for the trademark. Now the remaining …

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