Quotes: Ron Paul on Obama Oil Spill Criticism

“I just don’t see the justification for coming down hard on the president. … [It] represents the idea that the American people think the president is everything to everybody, that he should fix an oil leak.”


George W. Bush: Your New Facebook Friend

They say Facebook’s fastest-growing demographic is an older one. What better proof than our ex-president? Over at TIME’s Swampland blog, Kate Pickert has the rundown on George W. Bush’s new Facebook fan page. Hint: It’s probably …

Quotes: Al Gore and Tipper Gore Separating

“We are announcing today that after a great deal of thought and discussion, we have decided to separate.”

— AL AND TIPPER GORE, in an e-mail obtained by Politico, announcing their separation. The couple has been married for …

Bill Clinton and Joe Sestak: What Happened?

TIME’s Joe Klein dives into the White House memo that reveals the Obama Administration used former president Bill Clinton to see if Pennsylvania Rep. Joe Sestak could be persuaded to stand down in his Senate primary battle …

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