Quotes: Peeping Tom Meets Home Owner’s Fist

“I picked the wrong house.”

-KENNETH PARKERSON, a Florida man arrested for allegedly sneaking onto the patio of the home of fire fighter Ireneusz Fajkis with a video camera. Fajkis’ wife screamed for her husband when she noticed …

Quotes: Doctors on Dangers of Homeopathy

“Homeopathy is witchcraft,”

— TOM DOLPHIN, member of the British Medical Association, on whether Britain’s National Health Service should foot the bill for alternative-medicine treatments. The NHS currently operates some …

Quotes: Germany Reacts to Google Privacy Breach

“According to the information available to us so far, Google has for years penetrated private networks, apparently illegally,”

— ILSE AIGNER, German consumer protection minister, in a statement condemning Google for monitoring …

Quotes: BP CEO Tony Hayward on Gulf Oil Spill

“The Gulf of Mexico is a very big ocean. The amount of volume of oil and dispersant we are putting into it is tiny in relation to the total water volume.”

— TONY HAYWARD, CEO of BP, on the scope of the company’s oil spill. (via …

Quotes: Stephen Hughes on Fixing the Dictionary

“An extensive check of online and offline dictionaries did not reveal a single dictionary that correctly referred to gravity being the operative force in a siphon,”

− STEPHEN HUGHES, a physicist at Australia’s University of …

Quotes: Pope Benedict XVI On Church’s Scandal

“The church needs to profoundly relearn penitence, accept purification, learn forgiveness but also justice.”

— POPE BENEDICT XVI, responding to reporter questions about the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandal, aboard the papal …

Quotes: Gordon Brown on Stepping Down

“I therefore intend to ask the Labour Party to set in train the processes needed for its own leadership election.”

— GORDON BROWN, British Prime Minister, announcing he’ll step down as leader of the Labour Party in the wake of …

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