Dental Elitism: Are You Rich Enough To Have Fake Teeth That Look Bad?

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These teeth don't have veneers on far as we know

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As we reported back in September, weird teeth are the new perfect teeth!

The New York Times, already the Peabody Museum of Natural History of trend-spotters, has just cottoned on to another thing that’s sweeping the nation (or, at least, sweeping the part of the nation that the Times cares about): rich people spending money to make their teeth look flawed. Take it away, Catherine Saint Louis!

These days, there’s a growing demand for painstakingly customized, natural-looking veneers created by professional dental ceramists, offering a balance of lifelike translucency and opaque whiteness. The lifelike “flaws” requested by patients include rotating the teeth next to the center pair so they overlap a little; subtly discoloring veneers toward the gumline so it looks between-cleaning realistic; and adding grooves so the porcelain isn’t oddly smooth.

These imitation-poor tooth coverings can cost up to three-and-a-half times the amount of “normal” veneers.

Maybe it’s NewsFeed’s British heritage speaking, but this seems like a colossal waste of money to us. (We have awful teeth — and we got them for free!) And, unlike other colossal wastes of money, there’s no way anyone would even notice. If we had that kind of money, we’d totally go for diamond-teeth instead. (via The New York Times)