WATCH: World’s Largest Lasagna Made in Poland

In honor of the visiting Italian soccer team, a local chef whips up a whopping 5.29-ton lasagna.

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If you ever have trouble cooking your lasagna all the way through, maybe you should take a cooking class from chef Giancarlo Russo, part of a team that set the Guinness World Record this week for the world’s largest lasagna.

In honor of the Italian national soccer team staying in a hotel during Euro 2012 in Krakow, Poland, the executive chef from Trattoria Giancarlo decided to construct the 5.29-ton monstrosity. It took a whopping 10 hours to bake the feast to perfection, one section at a time.

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When finished, the traditional Italian dish was sliced into 10,000 portions and served to locals, onlookers and soccer fans.

We’re not quite sure if the lasanga’s topping — featuring an abundance of carrots and peas but nary a sign of cheese — is typical Polish fare, but the Italian soccer team was too busy preparing to face Germany in the semifinals of Euro 2012 to test out the flavors.

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