Mandatory Badges for Politicians? New White House Petition Demands More Financial Transparency

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In a bid to increase governmental transparency, a petition on the White House’s social platform, “We the People,” calls for politicians to don sponsor/fundraising badges on their suits, similar to NASCAR uniforms.

The proposed attire is meant to clarify where true loyalties lie. According to the petition, Congressmen and Senators must inform the public of who their financial backers are for a better understanding of the political candidates and who they represent.

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The issue may be on old one, but the novel idea of badges gives the petition a new spin. The variation of badge sizes is also specified. A 4” by 8” badge on the chest would honor those hefty fund providers, while the meal-size donations warrant a “quarter-sized button” and the individuals who give less than $1000 dollars are exempt.

If the petition were passed, elected officials would be required to wear their sponsors during all public appearances, official duties and campaign events. However, the petition must meet its deadline of April 18thwith 100, 000 signatures, to guarantee a glance from the Obama administration.

As of now, the petition has garnered more than 24,000 signatures — still shy of the “must-respond” threshold.

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