Ryder Cup Cliffhanger: Europe Edges Out the Win

The 38th Ryder Cup will last long in the memory for not just being the first time that it went to a Monday finish but for the dramatic nature of the final day’s singles which saw Europe regain the trophy from the Americans by the …

Weekend Wrap-Up: What You Missed on Your Days Off

While you were sleeping late, enjoying leisurely brunches and going for relaxing strolls in the park, NewsFeed was working. And while you may have had a refreshing few days off (note: NewsFeed is not bitter), you likely missed …

Pervez Musharraf Announces New Party

Former Pakistan president/military ruler Pervez Musharraf  just revealed the launch of his new political party, the “All Pakistan Muslim League,” to a crowd of about 200 people today at the security-heavy One White Hall Place in London.

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